When you undergo a Zerona laser treatment, you’ll be surprised how easy the procedure is. The FDA-cleared Zerona laser utilizes innovative cold laser, or low-level laser technology, to offer clients a non-invasive fat loss solution. Zerona treatments are the first of their kind, targeting and emulsifying excess fat instead of killing fat cells. Zerona treatments are proven effective, having undergone multiple double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. 


For an effective fat loss treatment that’s non-surgical and requires no side-effects or downtime, look no further than Zerona. The Zerona laser can be applied to most areas of stubborn fat, including your: waist, chest, flanks, back or bra area, thighs, pecs, ankles, arms. Each session is easy and quick, taking less than an hour. The lasers are applied to the targeted areas of fat simultaneously. You’ll simply lie in a stationary and comfortable position for about 20 minutes on the front and then the back as the cold laser does its work.


Zerona utilizes cold laser technology. Also called low-level laser technology, this technique uses low levels of light that do not heat the bodily tissue, but safely penetrates the fat cells, allowing excess fat to safely seep out without. Once your Zerona treatment is complete, you may observe a slight difference in the way you feel. Many clients say they feel lighter due to the bio-stimulation process beginning in the body’s fatty tissue. You may need 6-12 sessions.